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Tatsu handles your tedious tasks and lets you focus on your priority - Building your place to talk and hang out.

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Role Management

Save time and effort by letting Tatsu manage your member’s roles!

React to get roles
React to get roles

Press a reaction and get a role. Use reaction roles to grant access to different server categories or to let users tag themselves.

Join role
Give a role when members join

Let Tatsu save you the hassle of giving new members a role when they join your Discord server.


Let people know when certain things happen.

Greeting messages
Welcome & goodbye messages

Greet new members in style with fully customizable join messages! Personalize your messages with their name and even an image if you’d like.

Name change logs
Nickname & username change logs

Enable better moderation by keeping updated on your server’s members by knowing who they once were.

Ban log
Kick & ban logs

Log your moderation activities and keep things transparent by enabling kick and ban logs.

Voice notification
Voice notifications

Stay on top of your voice channels by letting people know when someone has joined one.

Manage your
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