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Discord community .

Rank up, earn roles and climb the leaderboards. Earn XP, customize profile cards and show off your rank! Keep track of your server’s most active members with Tatsu’s fully customizable server score system.

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XP & Scores

Reward your members by awarding XP and score, automatically!

How does it work?

When a member sends a message, Tatsu will award them global XP and server score.

Score system customization
Score system customization

Tweak your server score system to your liking by changing the name, emoji, rate of earning and score range.

Persistent progress
Persistent progress

Reputation, XP & global rankings earned also carry over to any current and new servers that use Tatsu, making it even more worthwhile for members to contribute in your community.

Server Rank Cards

Give your community awesome rank cards to show off their rank and activity!

Server card example
Track rank card
Let members track their activity

Show their community progression using the rank card! View the next role they can get, their current server ranking or the accolades they have earned.

Custom rank card

Change your rank card backgrounds, or equip special server-only accolades.

Global Profile Cards

Your own personal profile card - Track your activity across Discord!

Server card example
Level up discord precense
Level up your Discord presence

Build a unique profile by combining badges and backgrounds to create a card that represents you. Earn levels that show your Discord-wide activity.


Reputation, XP & global rankings are saved across communities. Your profile card will be available on current and new servers that use Tatsu.

Leveled Roles

Reward your active members with special leveled roles!

Leveled role example
Earn roles by chat
Earn roles by chatting

Create roles that users can only get by earning enough server score. Tatsu automatically awards them to users then they reach a certain score.

Vip member
Give your members exclusive access

Reward your members with special access and permissions as they contribute to your community.

Free leveled roles
Free leveled roles

Full functionality will always be free for up to 10 roles, no caveats! More slots are available for premium servers.


Enable friendly competition and let your members compete for the top ranks!

Server activity rankings
Server activity rankings

Let your members compete against each other to see who is the most active contributor in your community.

Worldwide activity rankings
Worldwide activity rankings

Your members can see how they stack up against people everywhere else on Discord.

Rank up your
Discord community .

We're on a mission to connect & grow communities by building the best interactive content platform ever seen on Discord!

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