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Welcome to the Tatsumaki FAQ & Guides page! This should answer any questions you might have about the bot. No? Still have questions? Go here and place your question to my support team! Click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" tab to get started!

Is there is a full list of commands?
Yes, all bot commands are listed here. For bot and server settings go here.

Why isn't a command working even though I am typing it right?
The most likely case is that you are missing the menu. Try typing in the base command.

What language is the bot written in and what library do you use?
Javascript is the language and Eris is the library.

How do XP and Credits work?

How the XP system works:

  • XP is gained every time you talk with a 2 minute cooldown.
  • XP is not determined by the size of the message. You will not get more XP just because the message is bigger.
  • XP is randomized from 10-20.
  • There is global and local XP. Local XP, is XP gained on a server and is represented in the user's server score. Global XP is global and cannot be modified using commands.

How to get credits:

  • You get credits for Talking, Leveling, and Using t!dailies.
  • Credits are global and cannot be modified by a command.

Are botting or other similar activities allowed?
Any actions performed to gain an unfair advantage over other users are explicitly against the rules. This includes botting and using macros.

My welcome message is not mentioning anymore, what is the problem?
We recently changed the placeholders for welcome and goodbye messages:

  • $USER$ changed to $NAME$ (Says the name of the user that joined/left)
  • $USERMENTION$ changed to $MENTION$ (Mentions the user that joined/left)
  • $SERVER$ is still $SERVER$ (Says the name of the server)

Why do I have to redeem my badges? Why can't you redeem them for me?
Unfortunately, doing that requires an additional layer of checks for every single message that Tatsumaki sees. We're sorry, but we can't do it.

Why can't I see my badges after I redeem them?
You need to equip them with t!badges equip

What can the badges do?
Nothing. They don't have any perks or tricks. They're just for show. Valuable to have.

Can I add my own custom backgrounds to the bot?
No, that would require some moderation for the backgrounds and it would defeat the point of saving credits to buy them. You can still submit backgrounds here.

Where are some of the commands?
If you are looking from commands from the old bot, we redid the bot's code. Meaning some of the old commands are no longer on the bot or still need to be readded.

Is the code available for me to see and use?
No, the bot's code is closed source. The github is extremely outdated.

Can I transfer my reputation points and my XP to another user?
No. Reputation points don't work like credits do. XP is gained from being active and you can't do anything with it except gain it. Once you give someone a reputation point, their number never goes down.

How do I check my profile?
You use t!profile and/or t!rank

Why can't my moderators use Tatsumaki's [email protected](moderator) commands?
Make sure that, at least one of their roles have the "Manage Server" permission checked in Server Settings > Roles.

Can I change Tatsumaki's name and avatar?
No, those are global. Changing the name and avatar of the bot will affect every server she is on. You can only change the bot's nickname by right clicking on her name and then clicking "Change Nickname".

Why isn't all roles showing up when I pull up the autorole menu?
You should move Tatsumaki up to the top of the server roles. That should fix it.

How often does the bot check for new RSS feeds?
Every 15 minutes.

What is RSS? And why do I need it?

RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. An RSS document (called "RSS feed") includes full or summarized text, like post content, publishing date and author's name. RSS feeds also benefit users who want to receive timely updates from favourite websites. Subscribing to a website RSS removes the need for the user to manually check the website for new content. Instead, Tatsumaki monitors the site and informs the user of any updates, which are posted on a channel with RSS enabled.

WARN: Before adding RSS feeds

To add an RSS feed you first need to make sure the website you want supports RSS, that can usually be checked with a quick google search. You also need to make sure the link you are using along with the Tatsumaki command is a valid RSS link, Tatsumaki will tell you this, but you can also check for yourself. Google is your friend.

Example of a valid RSS link: http://feeds.thescoreesports.com/csgo.rss

Adding RSS Feeds

After checking that your link is a valid RSS feed, you can use [email protected] add to add your link to the bot.

Once you do [email protected] add you will then be prompt to input your link by typing it in chat.

After this you will be asked to say the tags you want to include and exclude from that link. You can also type skip twice to skip this part.

Your link should now be ready!

Manage Channels permission required.

NOTE: Please note that Tatsumaki's RSS monitor checks links every 15 minutes or so, so you wont see feeds being posted instantly.

Removing RSS Feeds

To remove a RSS link just use the command [email protected] remove and then type in chat the number of the link you want to remove.

Manage Channels permission required.

Listing all RSS Feeds

To show all RSS feeds subscribed on a channel, use [email protected] list and it will show all feeds subscribed on that channel along with included and excluded tags for said feeds.

Manage Channels permission required.

If you still have questions after this guide, go here and ask it to my support team! Just make sure it is a question related to the bot. They will not be answering any questions on how to see if an RSS link is valid or not. Google is your friend.

Welcome badges!

Badges are a new and recent addition to Tatsumaki! They are rewards for certain achievements that can be placed on your personal profile so everyone can see what you have achieved! Badges don't really have any perks or tricks. They're just for show, valuable to have.

Understanding Badge Tiers

Badges are made up of 4 tiers, the higher the tier, the harder it is to get to it. The following table shows all currently existing achievements, and what it takes to get them:

Category Tier 1 Tier 1 (Common) Tier 1 Tier 2 (Bronze) Tier 1 Tier 3 (Silver) Tier 1 Tier 4 (Gold)
Commands Used Tier 1 100 Tier 1 1000 Tier 1 5000 Tier 1 15000
Credits Gained Tier 1 5000 Tier 1 75000 Tier 1 500000 Tier 1 1000000
Dailies Used Tier 1 10 Tier 1 50 Tier 1 200 Tier 1 500
Reputation Given Tier 1 50 Tier 1 250 Tier 1 1000 Tier 1 4000
Level Reached Tier 1 6945 EXP (Lvl 10) Tier 1 43403 EXP (Lvl 25) Tier 1 694445 EXP (Lvl 100) Tier 1 1562500 EXP (Lvl 150)

What happens when I get an achievement?

Once you get an achievement, Tatsumaki will not warn you nor will she automatically redeem the badge for you. Unfortunately, doing that would require an additional layer of checks for every single message that Tatsumaki sees. So we can't do it. But you can still redeem badges by using t!badges redeem. We will cover all about that command on the area bellow.

Redeeming Badges

When getting an achievement the next command you want to think about is t!badges redeem. It is the command that "transforms" your achievements into actual items you can show on your profile. When you do the command, 2 options will appear, those are the two types of redeemable items that exist so far on Tatsumaki:

Redeemable Badges

This is the first option in t!badges redeem. These are the badges that you get with achievements. When you choose this option, either it will say the badges you have to redeem so far, or it will say you dont have any badges to redeem. If the first one appeared, then just choose the badge you wish to redeem. If it said you didn't have any badges to redeem, then you will have to wait until you complete an achievement.

Purchasable Badges

This is the second option in t!badges redeem. They are badges which you don't need an achievement to get. You instead buy them using your personal credits. Once you get to this option just choose which type of badge you wish to buy, and choose a badge that you like!

Why cant I see my badges after I redeem them?

After redeeming a badge, it won't instantly appear on your personal profile. You still need to equip the badge by using t!badges equip. We will cover all about that command on the area bellow.

If you still have questions after this guide, go here and ask it to my support team! Just make sure it is a question related to the bot.


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